UcarOK helps those of you looking to buy used cars from a private party in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and avoid the hassle of used car dealers to find the perfect fit by making the process safer and easier than it's ever been! With the dealership out of the equation, you can sit back, relax and find the perfect used car on your own, saving money at the same time!

UcarOK App Features

Finding used cars in the Dallas and Fort Worth area has never been easier thanks to the innovative UcarOK app, which smooths out the process from start to finish, eliminating the stress and risk of private car sales. From searching for the best used cars online to communicating directly with the seller on a safe platform and inspecting the used cars, including a history report, there’s no step along the way we aren’t there to guide you through!

Search private car sales to find the best used cars online
Contact and communicate with the private used car seller via the app as the seller is asked to install the app in order to respond to you
Use the UcarOK app to safely and efficiently negotiate the price of used cars via the messaging function

Messaging Function

The UcarOK app allows you as the buyer to communicate directly with the private seller through our messaging functionality, ensuring both parties can stay in contact and safely setup test drives, negotiate prices and complete the sale. Our app eliminates most every issue associated with private car sales by supplying each end of the deal the information and tools they need to safely buy used cars as well as sell them!

Share files uploaded from website, such as a history report
Share files uploaded from the app, such as test report, 130H (vehicle registration form required from seller)
Set up a meeting at safe locations

There’s no longer a need to have awkward or stressful conversations about price negotiations in person, instead using the UcarOK app to mutually reach an agreement. The app allows you some time to consider your offer and discuss with family or friends on your next move.

History Reports

It’s never been easier or safer to buy used cars than now thanks to the UcarOK app, which not only allows you to search and finds used cars online, but also provides you access to history reports via InstatVIN. Buy an InstantVIN history report for 70 percent less than CarFax!

Our app walks you through the inspection process of the used cars so you know exactly what you’re looking for when completing a visual inspection, including photos you should take to help evaluate its condition. All this information is then stored in the app for later reference.

Vehicle Test

We provide two different methods for getting your potential used car purchase inspected. The first option allows you to set up a test drive of any of the used cars you’re looking at with the seller and have the vehicle inspected by a certified technician at one of our affiliated locations.

Your other option is to use the UcarOK adapter, which has the car’s OBD-II data sent over to our automotive hotline. This information assists you in ensuring the vehicle’s condition and how that affects the offer you make to buy used cars, ridding the risk of buying something that will break down in weeks after with no recourse! All test reports can be saved and shared through the app.

Set up used car test drives
Have used cars inspected by a certified technician
Use our OBD engine scanner
Saved reports can be shared
First hotline consultation is free (with purchase of our connector)

Maintenance Function

UcarOK doesn’t abandon you after the purchase of your used cars! We want to help your used car perform and last overtime after you buy it, facilitated through our maintenance function, which sends you helpful reminders like when your vehicle is due for an oil change and routine service. Because you’ve utilized UcarOK to buy used cars, you’re eligible for discounts on all routine maintenance and we even offer mobile services that come to your place in the Dallas-area!

Oil change reminder
Discount on all routine maintenance
Mobile services come to your place (Dallas/Fort Worth only currently. Other metro areas coming soon!)

Still Wondering How it All Works?

If you still find yourself wondering how the UcarOK app works, and why it the process safer, smoother and more affordable when you buy used cars, no worries! Watch these informative videos we’ve put together for a firmer grasp on why UcarOK should be your first choice when buying or selling used cars in Dallas and Fort Worth and to learn more about us.

Then get started with the UcarOK system today!