When you buy used cars in Dallas/Fort Worth, you need a plan. UcarOK provides you a solid strategy that helps you through the private car sales process, starting with locating a used car. Through our app, you can search Craigslist, our website, and other internet platforms to find a used car online. It's easy to filter your search by type of vehicle, year, make, model, and price. Once you find a used car or truck that you're interested in, you can contact the seller through the app to schedule a test drive! The test drive can take place at one of our affiliate locations or you and the seller can choose a place and time that is convenient for both of you.

The UcarOK app will walk you through the steps to complete a visual inspection of the used car, including what pictures to take that are helpful in evaluating its condition. The app also stores this information in your UcarOK account or it can be emailed to you for later reference. There are two ways that you can have the used car inspected. First, schedule a test drive and an inspection by a certified technician at one of our affiliate locations or use the UcarOK adapter to have the car's OBD-II data sent to our automotive Hotline — more on this later. The UcarOK affiliate can assist you with determining an offer price or you can figure this out yourself using information from our Hotline evaluation. Now that’s how you buy used cars!

Once the used car is evaluated, and an offer price has been determined, the next step is to negotiate with the seller. The UcarOK app provides you a platform to negotiate with the seller directly through the app. No need for an awkward and often stressful face-to-face exchange between you and the seller about vehicle condition or price. Using the app to present your offer also provides you with personal safety, privacy, and time to discuss with friends or family what your next move in the negotiation process should be.

When you reach an agreed sale price, the app advises you on what paperwork needs taken care of to complete the sale. Or as an option, you can have one of our UcarOK affiliates help you with paperwork! UcarOK provides you with a complete plan of action to make the process of private car sales seamless. Get started with the UcarOK system today!